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Fostering the love for Learning

Sculpting young minds always to have more questions than answers

About Us Nursery Draw of Lots (2022 - 23) Executive commity of parent teacher association

Igniting Human Greatness

Encouraging independence of views and the strong conviction to stand by thos.

About Us Nursery Draw of Lots (2022 - 23) Executive commity of parent teacher association

Unlocking the inner Genious

Enriching children's talent and helping them lead lives with real power and potential

About Us Nursery Draw of Lots (2022 - 23) Executive commity of parent teacher association


A robust, vibrant and holistic school education.



Making learning joyful and valuable to our children.


Beyond Academics

Nurturing the true potential of young learners


Life at Ashti

Developing lifelong learners in a child-friendly environment.


Learn about what sets BVM Ashti apart from the rest

Our Story

BVM Ashti envisioned a world of children with vivid imaginations and colourful dreams, without the pressure of being 'just like the others.

Why we exist

BVM Ashti nurtures to unlock the inner genius so that each child brings his/her mission and talent to the world and lives the true power and potential.
The school strives to ensure optimum academic, cultural, social, ethical and moral values in a safe, tranquil and stimulating environment.
The school aims at making the students attain self-fulfillment in their personal lives and becoming useful citizens of our motherland. to achieve this, the students are assisted to grow morally, intellectually, physical, and socially by forming in them habits of basic virtues like honesty, dedication, hard work, excellence in both academics and non- academic activities.

The Ashti Advantage

BVM Ashti students learn by doing — and they love it! Instead of being lectured to, students are encouraged to lead their learning, which means that while standards are rigorous, they’re more focused on asking “why” and “how” than merely getting the right answer.

The Ashti Approach

The integrated curriculum at BVM Ashti comprises & aligns with all the learning outcomes in CBSE standards. Encompassing academics and beyond academics, we use different approaches of integrated education best suited for the students.

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Parents and Students Speak

Know more about us from the parents and students’ perspective.